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Junior Astronaut - the app TEACHERS & PARENTS

Find out the full range of science topics covered in the app. From mass, weight and gravity to an introduction on aerodynamics, Junior Astronaut is Packed full of Science.

"We’re very excited about Junior Astronaut - a marvellous mix of serious science and playful entertainment"

Stuart Dredge - The Guardian

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Conceived, scripted and designed solely with the iPad in mind, Junior Astronaut uses beautiful illustration, deep interactivity and creative storytelling to engage, entertain and educate a younger audience about the science and wonders of space travel.

Inspired by the legendary kid's space books of the 1950s and '60s, we take on the tough topics of gravity, mass, weight and forces and apply them to this perennially exciting science-packed adventure. 

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Joey's paper plane, all the way from Oregon!

A Junior Astronaut's Aeroplane

May 9th, 2013

In this morning's post bag we received a letter all the way from Oregon in the USA.

We love it when we receive post from overseas, especially when it contains a paper plane made by one of Junior Astronaut's students!

Joey from North Marion school took the time to mail us his plane which he made from instructions in Junior Astronaut. In that particular section we learn all about a mysterious force that drags things back down to earth - we later find out that it's gravity of course.

We couldn't resist trying Joey's plane for ourselves - you can see in this video that it behaves exactly how you'd expect. It takes off beautifully over the pool table but the launch force runs out and gravity pulls it back down to the studio floor! Good effort Joey and we love the USA decals!

From the blog: Junior Astronaut lands at NASA!

Junior Astronaut at NASA

Picture © Lee Stephens

February 27th, 2013

It's not everyday that one of your apps gets presented by a user to a REAL LIFE ASTRONAUT at NASA!

That was the news we woke up to this morning when Trinity Stephens' father, Lee posted a picture on our FaceBook page to tell us of their trip to meet Commander Fred Gregory (wiki).

Lee said:

"[Here's] Our daughter Trinity demonstrating 'Jnr Astronaut' to an 'Old Astronaut' Space Shuttle Pilot and Commander Fred Gregory at the NASA Space Center.

"After having lunch with him, she was able to ask some questions based on information she had gained from this app..."

It's blown us away that Trinity was quizzing an astronaut based on things she'd learnt from our app - makes getting up in the morning worth while.

So, thank you Trinity and Lee - get in touch via email - we'd love to send you some goodies...

From the blog: Want to win Jnr Astronaut for your school?WIN WIN WIN!

Win Jnr Astronaut!

This week we had two schools in the US and one Australia contact us about buying Junior Astronaut in bulk for their classrooms and it got us thinking about how many other schools might be using the app.

It also struck us that people who have the app on their iPads at home might think it would be great for their kid's school to have too.

Junior Astronaut Tshirts
Junior Astronaut Tshirts

So, we thought we'd run a little competition:

Three lucky readers can win 10 COPIES OF JUNIOR ASTRONAUT and two COOL TSHIRTS (one kids size, one adult size)

So, how do you win? Find out here...

From the blog: A brief history of rockets and space travel

Crank Timeline

The other week we read about the brilliant Tiki Toki website that allows you to build web-based timelines in a really cool and easy way - so we thought we'd go ahead and try and build our own.

We've based it on a Brief History of Rockets and Space Travel, which of course fits very nicely with our Junior Astronaut app.

We hope you like it and find it useful - maybe as part of a school project or your home learning efforts.

Do let us know in the comments over here...